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1941 Frozen Front 1.2.2

1941 Frozen Front 1.2.2 Free Download

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War is never over in these cold lands


We are witnessing the rebirth of strategy games with an avalanche of brand new titles being released for download on mobile devices. On this occasion, 1941 Frozen Front takes back the everlasting theme of World War II for clashing German and Soviet forces again on a cold day for playing war. Designed and developed by Handygames, the game is available for Android and iOS, for smartphones and tablets.

Set in 1941 during WWII, the app game focuses the action on the German side of the conflict in which you will have to defend the East from the Soviet attack or to make the attack a successful one. You will have to lead your faction to victory using all the available resources and units for each mission. The units in the game are the historic vehicles and troops that fought the real battles represented in the game.

The units in the game are the historic vehicles and troops that fought the real battles represented in the game

The graphical aspect of this strategy-hit is super-realistic. The design of all the on-screen elements is really good, preferring a hand-drawn influence over polygonal-based modelling. A negative aspect of 1941 Frozen Front arrives once you see the units move and, inexplicably you see tanks shooting in the opposite direction to the target, and still hitting them. This feels really unnatural since there is no further animation of the vehicles; they seem to nothing but a sticker on the hex-formed play board.

Play on different sides depending on the mission
Play on different sides depending on the mission

How to play

1941 Frozen Front features turn-based gameplay in which your turn will end once all your units can’t have exhausted their actions. The game is places a hex board on the battlefield, this way the units will be able to move and attack through these slots like other similar real-time strategy games. Each action expends action points and resources, ammunition, or fuel depending on the type of unit. The troops have different skills and attributes for mobility, power and defense, as well as strong and weak points.

It is important to properly select the unit you will attack, as it's useless to deal damage to tanks when you are attacking with much weaker troops. Damaged units deal less damage, but there is a solution for this. You can partially or completely resupply your units for recovering energy, fuel and ammo, but this won’t come free, supplies come at the cost of gold that can be obtained by defeating enemy units. This way, if you set your strategy correctly you can be successful in every mission no matter in what kind of condition you fight in.

The campaign mode of this app is lengthy, with eighteen different missions that will require your very best effort to complete thrilling challenges in snowy environments. Besides, the game includes an online multiplayer game mode in which you will be able to test your friends’ skills or battle against random online users, which makes the game very entertaining once you download and install it.

Fully touch controls
Fully touch controls

1941 Frozen Front 1.2.2 Features

Check the main and unique features of 1941 Frozen Front:

  • Thrilling turn-based strategy title for mobile devices set during the battle of the East Germany of WWII
  • Control realistic units brought from World War II with artillery, infantry, warplanes and tanks designed like the real ones
  • Gameplay based on a hex grid giving special attention to the strategic element
  • Manage your troops, supplying them during the battle with ammunition and power
  • Competitive online battle with your friends or random players online from your mobile device

For additional details about the game, feel free to check the official website in the following link.

System Requirements

Check the main requirements to download for playing this app game on your smartphone or tablet:

  • Operating System: Android 2.3 or iOS 6.0
  • Size: 50MB free space installed

free download


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